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Consent to Credit and Criminal Background

Our management team uses a statically sound credit scoring program to assess your consumer credit report. This system is based on real data and statistics, thus treats all applicants objectively. Your consumer report contains information concerning your bill payment history, the number and type of accounts which have received late payments, collections, outstanding debt, and the age of each account. With this information, we compare your credit performance to other applicants with similar profiles which gives us a prediction of how likely you will pay your rent in a timely fashion while fulfilling your other lease obligations.

Based upon this credit score, your application will be accepted or rejected. Parties with a low credit score may be required to pay an increased security deposit prior to move-­‐in. Final approval is contingent upon the completion of the rental Application and proof of monthly income. If income is unable to be verified, or insufficient to monthly rent requirements, our acceptance of your application may be withdrawn.

I hereby consent to allow Pinnacle Properties Development Group, LLC and/or its affiliates through their respective agency and its employees, to obtain and verify my credit information, conduct a landlord tenant court records search, conduct a multi-­‐state sex offender registry search, and to obtain and verify my criminal background history, for the purpose of determining whether or not to lease me a rental unit. I understand that should I lease a rental unit, Pinnacle Properties Development Group, LLC and/or its affiliates and employees have the right to continue to review my criminal background history, credit information, rental application, payment history, and occupancy history for account review purposes and for improving application methods.